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  • There has been huge emphasis on digital India by the government and as part of this initiative, a drive to make our URCs cashless is being undertaken.
  • To make URCs cashless there is an urgent requirement by URCs to enhance digital payment infrastructure at URCs. All URCs need to enable themselves to accept all forms of digital payments like UPI, Wallets etc besides credit/debit card. Banks have started provisioning smart POS machines, which are one stop solution for accepting all forms of digital payments linked to URCs bank account. All URCs need to approach their banks for provision of the Smart POS free of charge.
  • Concurrently, URCs have to encourage customers to migrate onto digital payment modes. Exceptions maybe given to veterans/ widows above 75 yrs who cannot do digital payment, and URCs in op/ sensitive locations.
  • URCs to create Sign Up on the portal and submit details with regards to digital payment infrastructure available in URCs as well as the amount of cash/ cashless transactions being done at URCs.
  • For Registration/signup, use URC code & ISAM key (used for installation of CIMS in server).
  • ISAM Chip Sample
  • All URCs have are mandated to fill up these details accurately on monthly basis. The details of August 2021 to be filled up latest by 10th September 2021. Reasons for accepting cash, if any, will also need to be mentioned.
  • To ensure compliance, all CSD depots have also been given link to monitor the status of data entry by dependent URCs and will not issue stores to URCs who do not comply to these instructions.

In case of any difficulties faced by URCs in creating Sign Up, please contact on the following no. and email

Contact No: 0120-4699900          Email: customercare[at]cims-net[dot]com

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